“Evil be to him that evil thinks” Royal Australian Engineers served in South Vietnam from 1965 to 1972 providing Combat engineering, construction and, technical support services to the Australian Task Force. Engineer Units in Vietnam were permanently deployed for the duration of the war and consisted of 1 Field Squadron Group and 17 Construction Squadron supported by detachments from Australian based units, notably 30 Terminal squadron, 32 Small Ships Squadron and 55 Advanced Engineer Stores Squadron. 17 Construction Sqn was tasked with the establishment of the Australian Task Force Logistic Support Group base at Vung Tau and later with land clearing and hamlet resettlement in Nui Dat while 1 Field Sqn was tasked with the construction and provision of services to the Task Force base at Nui Dat and supporting infantry on operations. Engineer roles included: Civil and mechanical engineering tasks such as earthworks, construction and repair of, defensive positions, roads, airfields, bridges and buildings together with provision and treatment of water supplies, essential services such as electrical and refrigeration supplies, land clearing, perimeter defence, Mine laying and tunnel clearance. 1 Field Sqn group took part in all major operations in Vietnam providing combat support teams to infantry units who engaged in tunnel search and detection and disarming of booby traps. “In most Battalion operations, the Eng. Combat Engineer Teams of 1 st Field Squadron were either an integral part of an individual Rifle Company or were held in readiness at Battalion headquarters to be inserted in support of companies when called forward. The task for which they will be most remembered by the Battalion, however, was their task of clearing cunningly concealed and potentially lethal mines and booby traps.” - 3RAR in South Vietnam 1967-1968. Honours and Awards to RAE personnel: Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) 1 Military Cross (MC) 2 Military Medal (MM) 6 Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) 19 Untinted States Meritorious Unit commendation (MUC) 1 United States Bronze Star for Meritorious Service 1 The Engineers payed a high price for their part in the war with 43 sappers making the ultimate sacrifice. LEST WE FORGET