4719367  9RAR Private. Grantley James Scales 22 Adelaide SA. Scales was in B Coy when he was accidentally killed by a gunshot wound from his own unit, after he walked outside its perimeter in Bien Hoa on 5th March 1969. Buried Centennial Park Cemetery SA.
Govt. to blame, says father “We would feel better about my son’s death if he had gone to fight in Vietnam of his own free will” said Mr J.P. Scales today The son, Pte Grantley Scales, 22 single of Maud Street, Glandore was killed in Vietnam on Wednesday. 5th March 1969 “They came and told us the other morning that he was dead - an Army Officer and a padre”. his father Mr Scales said today. “They said he had been killed accidently during operations in Bien Hoa province. They did not any other details. “I feel very strongly about this. I blame both the Liberal Government and the DLP for the death of my son”. “What other country in the world pulls boys’ names out of a barrel and sends them to fight in a war in a foreign country. Hated Army “Grantley was a good boy. The lad didnt want to go when he was called up, but he wouldn’t shirk what he had to do. “He hated it in the Army. He was a home loving boy. We are a very close family. “When he was training and stationed in Australia he would come home at every possible occasion”. he said In his last letter home from Vietnam Pte Scales wrote” I have seen things I will never forget as long as I live.” “We would feel a lot better about his death if he had gone of his own free will.” Mr Scales said. “I want to appeal to all Mothers to try to put an end to this vile war.”
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