This site was created by Haydn Madigan in 2014. The site will be updated from time to time as new data is available. You are welcome to send me photo’s of Veterans to added to the site. The Honour Board pictured on this site is located at Port Pirie RSL, South Aust. The Dog Tags are copies, they are stamped with Service Number, Name, Date of Death, whether KIA, DOW, MEDI and so-on.
To use this site, navigate by clicking of the Alphabet Menus to get to the Veteran you are after, then click on the Veterans Name of your choice. Read the information on that Veteran. Click on the Veteran and the picture will be enlarged. Click on the Honour Wall, The location of the poppy shows the location of the Veterans Dog Tags (Copies). Click Return to Exit, to take you back on step. Click at the top of that page to reeturn to the main menu.
At the bottom of the main screen there are other items.
BATTALIONS: Stories on each Battalions Journey in Vietnam
NATIONAL SERVICE DATES: A List of National Servicemans call up dates:
SLANG: A list of slang used and their meaning’s
VIETNAM STATISTICS: Some interesting facts about Vietnam
HUEY VIDEO & RADIO LINKS: Some Video’s, from Port Pirie RSL’s Huey and link to my Radio program on each Monday night.
I can be contacted by the following Haydn Madigan, 15 Fletcher Court, Port Pirie Soth Aust, 5540 Mob: 0410537924 Email:
Map of Phuc Tuy